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Substance Misuse

Substance misuse is the harmful use of substances (like drugs and alcohol) for non-medical purposes. The term “substance misuse” often refers to illegal drugs. However, legal substances can also be misused, such as alcohol, prescription medications, caffeine, nicotine and volatile substances (e.g. petrol, glue, paint).


People use substances like alcohol and drugs for many reasons.  It could be to relax, have fun, as a reward, with a meal or out socialising.  However when you start to use in order to alter how you feel and or to deal with an emotional problem, over time a reliance can develop and you might hear yourself saying things like "I can't cope....I need a drink / joint"etc.  Unfortunately the relief is short lived.  Whenever you sober up or "come down" those problems that you wanted to avoid or forget are waiting for you and maybe there are some new ones caused by your behaviour when using.  The cycle begins again.


Here at Belfast City Counselling our aim is to help those concerned about their usage of such substances and help prevent misuse becoming abuse.


Working in partnership with you in a safe and confidential manner your counsellor will help you explore and gain an understanding of the following


  • your goals for treatment

  • ​patterns of behaviour (how, what and when you use)
  • how the usage changed

  • Is it linked to life events - has something triggered the increase?

  • what you get out of it - the positive and negative effects

  • the impact it is having in your life and your relationships

  • find the tools necessary to take back control

  • develop alternative healthy coping mechanisms

  • increase self-worth and self-belief


​As a recovering addict myself I know first hand the negative impact that substances can have in our lives and how it feels to be caught up in a negative and destructive cycle.  Using my many years of personal and professional experience I  will work with you  to help identify, understand and break that cycle.  Giving you back control, increasing your confidence, self-worth and the peace of mind that substance misuse invariably erodes. 

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